Carol Dimopoulos

Perillo's Learning Journeys

Carol Dimopoulos is President of Perillo's Learning Journeys where she brings her passion for personal transformation through transformative travel and community service based programs to global destinations in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. She is a prominent expert in both business and academia in the field of niche market and transformative travel. Her engagements include speaking and teaching at The New York Times Travel Show, Ensemble Travel Network Conference, Yoga Journal Live, Travel Market Research, The Italian Travel Promotion Council, and GIFTE Travel Network, as well as numerous shows throughout her 20-year executive travel industry tenure. She is also the USTOA Modern Day Explorer Travel Ambassador to the Islands of Malta.

She brings the principles of personal transformation to the world of travel, creating experience of moving from place to place in a destination to fully absorb the culture and the community. She is committed to servicing communities through the journeys and incorporates giving back through service projects. She holds an MBA and serves as an adjunct faculty member for SUNY where she shares her knowledge of business and organizational management with a focus on business ethics and women in business as well as global marketing and communications. Her enthusiasm and passion for transforming self through the travel platform invites travelers to think in new ways by investing in learning and growing through travel.