Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

Physician & Founder
Ancient Wisdom For Modern Women

Elizabeth is a graduate of the Acupuncture Institute in Miami, Florida, the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Integrative Health & Lifestyle Program, and is the only acupuncture physician in the country with the distinction of having been invited and completing a prestigious medical rotation at the University of Arizona's Center of Integrative Medicine.

Elizabeth's nutritional counseling background stems from her chef's training certificate earned at the Natural Gourmet Institute in 1991. Early in her career while working with the President of the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, she pioneered integrative protocols for pre- and post-plastic surgery to speed up healing times, reduce side effects, and improve outcomes. She is a member of the Global Wellness Institute's Beauty Meets Wellness Initiative helping redefine beauty and wellness standards with other health and beauty leaders across the country.